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Who We Are…

Before going any further, be prepared to keep aside everything you know about the way traditional agencies work with their clients. Redapple is a group of unique meditating head who will re-define your branding in order to take it in a new height. Group members come from a diverse range of background, both marketing and non-marketing… but each with independent set of expertise that are invaluable.The great advantage of such a formation is that clients are no longerlimited to just the people within the agency redapple lets you to tap into the best strategic minds as well as a surplus of creative production resources.

Our believe mutation

Talk to people on the roads via our LED Screens and signboards | Reach them on their profiles on social Media through our social Media Marketing services | Whether you are organizing a concert, exhibition or any event that incorporates any kind of printing, Audiovisual, Lighting, Decorating, Flower works, Installations, Logistics, LED, Projections, Photography, Artist Management, anything starting from the smallest (business cards) to the largest format setup (nationwide campaign), our high quality and on budget services is the best for you.

Our philosophy mutate or die

Ask someone what advertising is and you’ll most likely hear about television commercials, newspaper ads and radio spots. But we know it’s more than that. It’s change. It’s the fight between trying to ignore it and trying to fit it into your life. It’s everywhere and it’s what we do. While traditional advertising is important (those TV spots and radio commercials), we don’t stop there. Studio CMP takes a look at where your customers are and designs marketing plans targeted towards those spaces. There’s no sense in you being where you’re customers aren’t.

Our Services

Advertising and Branding

Redapple as a Media buyer and responsible for negotiating and purchasing audience targeted time and advertising space for the purpose of conveying a marketing message. The process entails an evaluation of factors based on (but not  Know More

Event Management

Red Apple is one of the trustable event management company in Bangladesh. We help you in organizing your different events with affordable prices. We plan your events base on the purpose of event like festival, ceremony, personal or corporate Know More

Designing and Printing

Red Apple provide service through Interior Designer implies that there is more of an emphasis on Planning, Functional design and effective use of space involved in this profession, as compared to interior decorating. We can undertake  Know More

Gift and Promotional items

T-shirt, Bags , Ball caps , Shirts , Desk organizers , Glassware/ Drink ware, Calendars, Pens , Note pads , Sticky notes , Highlighters, Trophies , Commemorative plaques , Briefcases , High end company branded clothing, such as a a windbreaker  Know More

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